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Consideration of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Cont'd) - 1743rd Meeting, 66th Session of Committee Against Torture
8 May 2019 - 
Delegation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
1. Paul Candler, head of delegation, Director for International and Rights, Ministry of Justice
2. Alice Adamson, Deputy Director for Global Strategy and Rights, Ministry of Justice
3. Alison Stradling, Team Leader for United Nations Human Rights, Ministry of Justice
4. Naomi Sephton, Senior Lawyer, Government Legal Department
5. Gill Hunter, Head of International Strategy and Funding, Home Office
6. Angela Hawley, Policy Lead for Serious Mental Illness, Legislation and Justice, Department of Health and Social Care
7. Raphaela Thynne, Senior Policy Adviser for Rights and Equality Policy, Northern Ireland Office 8. Brian Grzymek, Deputy Director for Criminal Justice Policy and Legislation, Department of Justice Northern Ireland (Northern Ireland Executive)
9. Donna MacKinnon, Deputy Director for Community Justice, Scottish Government
10. Alyson Francis, Deputy Director for Communities, Welsh Government
11. Bob Last, Deputy Head, Political and Human Rights Team, UK Mission to the United Nations, Foreign and Commonwealth Office