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Are you ready NYC: What is your plan for the emergency?
12 Dec 2019 -  Emergencies can happen anytime and affect any one of us. Hence it is essential that we, as an Organization and as individuals, become more aware of how to be better prepared for the unexpected event of a crisis or emergency situation.
To this end the United Nations is pleased to announce its collaboration with the New York City Office of Emergency Management (OEM) by bringing you “Ready New York” - the public education campaign of the New York City Office of Emergency Management.
UN Staff and Delegates will have an opportunity to learn about the hazards they may face in New York City and how to prepare for all types of emergencies by writing an emergency plan, choosing a meeting place, gathering supplies for their home, and preparing a ‘Go Bag,’ in case they need to leave their home in a hurry.
The presentation also covers the role of the NYC Office of Emergency Management in the city. As part of the presentation, preparedness guides will be distributed and a short video will be shown.
Organized by The Crisis Preparedness and Support Unit (CPSU) in the Client Support and Special Situations Section (CSSSS) of the Division for Special Activities, Department of Operational Support (DSA/DOS) in collaboration with the New York City Office of Emergency Management (OEM).
(Due to technical difficulties first ten minutes of the broadcast are missing).
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