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Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations
27 Mar 2019 -  The Chair of the Special Committee, His Excellency Tijjani Muhammad Bande (Nigeria), opened the meeting.
Consideration of the draft report by the Working Group of the Whole - Item 7
The Chair of the Working Group of the Whole, His Excellency Richard Arbeiter (Canada) made a statement.
Statements were made by the representatives of Norway, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, the European Union, the United States, Morocco (on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement), Uruguay, the United Kingdom, Thailand, France, Australia (also on behalf of Canada and New Zealand), China, the Republic of Korea, Egypt, the Russian Federation and Indonesia.
Adoption of the report to the General Assembly at its seventy-third session - Item 8
The Rapporteur, Mr. Tarek Mahfouz (Egypt), introduced the draft report of the Special Committee (A/AC.121/2019/L.3).
The Special Committee adopted, without a vote, its draft report as orally revised, to the General Assembly.
The Chair made concluding remarks.
The Special Committee thus concluded its 2019 substantive session.