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Challenges and Opportunities for Accessible Global Governance: Enhancing Participation for Persons with Disabilities in the UN Processes #COSP9
16 Jun 2016 -  This event focused on the challenges and opportunities of persons with disabilities’ participation in UN conferences, meetings, events and broader global governance processes. It highlighted findings from the first phase of an IDPP study on Accessibility in Global Governance: The Invisibility of Persons with Disabilities, which was supported by The Nippon Foundation, and presented the model of an accessible Disability Inclusive Development (DID) Collaboratory that supports inclusive global governance for the disability community. With the ultimate goal of enhancing the participation of persons with disabilities in the multiple and complex national, regional, and international processes of global governance, this policy collaboratory can enable capacity building and effective participation in a wide range of UN processes, including the COSP, HLPF, Habitat III, and beyond.

This is a side event at the 9th Conference of States Parties to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.