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2nd Meeting, 69th Session of UNECE
20 Apr 2021 -  69th Session of the Commission Promoting Circular Economy and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in the UNICE Region

Agenda Item 3: Roundtables: Building back better - Accelerating the shift to a more circular economy and the sustainable use of natural resources
The roundtable session will be dedicated to the topic “Building back better - Accelerating the shift to a more circular economy and the sustainable use of natural resources.”
Discussions will focus on practical solutions to challenges in shifting to circular approaches and the sustainable use of natural resources, how these solutions could be scaled and how existing gaps that prevent further progress be addressed, including through strengthened international cooperation. The discussions will be informed by the context created by the COVID-19 crisis, including new needs, constraints and emerging opportunities to “build back better”. The role of ECE activities and instruments in this transformation will also be considered.

Roundtable 1 - Circular Energy, Mobility and Digital Transformation: Towards Cradle-to-Cradle Models.
A series of green transformations, energy, e-mobility, and digital transformations are reshaping society. While energy is aspiring to be low or negative carbon, e-mobility is taking over at all scales – city and long-distance transport. Technology is at the core of the fourth industrial revolution, which is embracing all aspects of life and work. This transformation has a significant bearing on how natural resources are used, moving away from the past linear models to new sustainable, service-focused and circular economy business models. This roundtable will explore how new policies and industry best practices can leverage synergies between energy and natural resources, mobility and technology sectors.
Moderator: Mr. Julian Hilton, Chair, UNECE Expert Group on Resource Management, Sustainable Development Goals Delivery Working Group
•Mr. Denis Deryushkin, Deputy Head, Federal State Budgetary Institution “Russian Energy Agency”, Ministry of Energy (Russian Federation)
•Mr. Peter Handley, Head of Unit, Energy Intensive Industries and Raw Materials,Directorate-General for the Internal Market, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (European Commission)
•Ms. Sarah Forbes, Division of Minerals Sustainability, Department of Energy (United States of America)
•Mr. Christoph Wolff, Head of Shaping the Future of Mobility, World Economic Forum
•Mr. Thomas Deloison, Director, Mobility, World Business Council for Sustainable Development
•Mr. Scott Foster, Director, Sustainable Energy Division, UNECE
•Mr. John Batten, Global Cities Director, Arcadis

Roundtable 2 - Supply Chain Traceability and Sustainability
The production of traded goods from raw materials to final goods often requires collaborations among various industries and companies across the world. This makes supply chains complex and difficult to manage. Improved supply chain traceability can drive progress towards circularity and greater sustainability; trade can play a role by providing the scale and global reach required for an efficient circular economy and can help distribute more widely the benefits arising from such solutions. This roundtable will provide an opportunity for experience-sharing on traceability across various sectors.
Moderator: Mr. Joss Blériot, Executive Lead, Institutions & Governments, Ellen MacArthur Foundation
•Textiles: Ms. Maylis Souque, Secretary General of the French OECD NCP for Responsible Business Conduct (NCP for RBC), Senior Advisor on Corporate Social Responsibility and RBC, Directorate General of the Treasury, Ministry for Economy, Finance and Recovery, (France)
•Forestry products: Mr. Greg Rampley, Chief, Bioproducts and Supply Chain Economics, Natural Resources Canada (Canada)
•Waste: Mr. Gernot Lorenz, Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (Austria)
•Agri-food: Mr. Bartosz Zambrzycki, Policy Officer, Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety, European Commission
•Services: Ms. Alice Tipping, Lead, Sustainable Trade and Fisheries Subsidies, International Institute for Sustainable Development, IISD•Ms. Elisa Tonda, Head, Consumption and Production Unit, Economy Division, UNEP