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Humanitarian effects of environmental degradation and peace and security - Security Council Open VTC
17 Sep 2020 -  High-level open debate of the Security Council on the theme “Maintenance of international peace and security: humanitarian effects of environmental degradation and peace and security”.
In its resolution 63/281, adopted on 3 June 2009, the General Assembly reaffirms that the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is the key instrument for addressing climate change. It recognizes that the nature of climate change requires broader cooperation among Member States and invites the various organs of the United Nations, as appropriate and within their respective mandates, to intensify their efforts in addressing climate change, including its possible implications for peace and security.
The meeting will give the members of the Security Council an opportunity to address the links between the humanitarian effects of environmental degradation, including desertification and soil erosion, and armed conflict, as well as conflict resolution. The discussions will also focus on the consequences of the destruction of the natural environment in armed conflicts and the measures to be taken by the United Nations and Member States to combat those effects.
– President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Peter Maurer
– Executive Secretary of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, Ibrahim Thiaw
– Earth Ambassador, artist and activist, Inna Modja.