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"We Are the World" Melissa Fleming (UN) interviews David Shearer (UNMISS) - Awake at Night: S3-Episode23
26 Mar 2021 -  "A friend of mine who was a lawyer helping to set these [mobile courts] up was telling me that there was a woman there...a young girl there, 14 years old who had been gang-raped by four guys. The four guys walked into the courtroom, very cocky, very arrogant, thinking that nothing was going to touch them, saw the woman, this young girl standing there, saw the other women around her that were willing to give testimony and to give evidence, and their faces fell. And the case went on. And they got between three and 12 years there, and they were put in the local prison."

In this episode of Awake at Night, we hear from David Shearer; UN Secretary General's Special Representative for South Sudan and head of UNMISS. David, who has served in other crisis areas, shares his career stories from the nerve-wracking negotiations to release his wife from gunpoint in Somalia, to his incredible work entering behind Sri Lankan government lines to deliver exam papers to its schools.

On COVID in South Sudan he said "if you take the experience of Ebola in West Africa a few years ago, Ebola killed about 11,000 people in West Africa. But [...] what they found was that far more people died of other diseases: malaria, diarrhoea, tuberculosis, whatever, because they weren't being treated in the health centres [...] so the invisible death rate was way higher than the very visible death rate from Ebola. So one of the things that we were determined to do here was to make sure that the health centres continue to function."

Screen-shot photo credit: ©UN Photo/UNMISS