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(3rd meeting) Commission on Population and Development, Forty-ninth session
11 Apr 2016 -  The 49th session of the Commission on Population and Development will be held April 11th through the 15th, examining the theme ‘Strengthening the demographic evidence base for the post-2015 development agenda’.

1. Actions for the further implementation of the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development (E/CN.9/2016/3, E/CN.9/2016/4 and E/CN.9/2016/5) [item 3]
2. General debate on national experience in population matters: strengthening the demographic evidence base for the post-2015 development agenda (E/CN.9/2016/NGO/1, E/CN.9/2016/NGO/2, E/CN.9/2016/NGO/3, E/CN.9/2016/NGO/4, E/CN.9/2016/NGO/5, E/CN.9/2016/NGO/6, E/CN.9/2016/NGO/7, E/CN.9/2016/NGO/8, E/CN.9/2016/NGO/9, E/CN.9/2016/NGO/10, E/CN.9/2016/NGO/11, E/CN.9/2016/NGO/12, E/CN.9/2016/NGO/13, E/CN.9/2016/NGO/14, E/CN.9/2016/NGO/15, E/CN.9/2016/NGO/16, E/CN.9/2016/NGO/17, E/CN.9/2016/NGO/18, E/CN.9/2016/NGO/19 and E/CN.9/2016/NGO/20) [item 4]
General discussion