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Geneva Press Briefing: UNESCO, EBU, WFP, OCHA, UNHCR, WHO
8 Dec 2020 -  Bi-Weekly Geneva Press Briefing
UNESCO Vincent Defourny, Director of the UNESCO Liaison Office in Geneva

EBU Liz Corbin, Head of News at EBU
• World Press Freedom & Public Service Journalism in the Viral Age

OCHA Jens Laerke
• Today’s virtual event: Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) High-Level Pledging Event

WFP Tomson Phiri
] • Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony to be held on 10 December 2020

UNIS On behalf of UNCTAD (Catherine Huissoud)
• UNCTAD will publish its annual Handbook of Statistics on 9 December and on the occasion will publish its latest nowcasts on 2020 global trade in merchandises and services.
• It is an online publication and a press release will be sent on Wednesday.
• Catherine Huissoud will be available by email for any requests for comments or clarification.

UNIS On behalf of UNWOMEN (Christine Loew)
• The Spotlight Regional Initiative for Central Asia and Afghanistan (8 December)