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Leave No One Behind – Data, Mapping and Information, SDG Action Zone during the High-Level Week (24 September 2019)
24 Sep 2019 -  1) Spoken Word Poet for the SDGs
Emi Mahmoud , UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador and World Champion Poet

2) Building Resilience of the Urban Poor
A case study of an innovative bottom-up resilience project implemented by slum dwellers in Malawi. It highlights the importance of keeping affected communities at the centre of resilience building and the inspiring strengths of the slums lll taking a lead in their own development.
Speaker: Wonderful Hunga, Policy and Advocacy Manager, SDI Affiliate Malawi

3) Using Data to Improve Lives
The OCHA Centre for Humanitarian Data was established to increase the use and impact of data in humanitarian response. How can making data easier to find, share, and use improve the efficiency and effectiveness of humanitarian response, and in turn the likelihood of achieving the SDGs?
Speaker: Kareem Elbayar, Partnerships Manager - Centre for Humanitarian Data, OCHA

The SDG Action Zone, held during the High-level week of the UN General Assembly, is a space to break out and engage partners for transformative SDG action in new and innovative ways.
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