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The Situation in Central African Republic - Security Council, 8422nd meeting
13 Dec 2018 -  The situation in the Central African Republic
The agenda was adopted without objection.
The President invited the representative of the Central African Republic to participate in the meeting in accordance with rule 37 of the Council’s provisional rules of procedure.
The President drew attention to the text of a draft resolution contained in document S/2018/1016, submitted by France.
The Council proceeded to vote on the draft resolution (S/2018/1016) before it.
Decision: The draft resolution (S/2018/1016) received 13 votes in favour, none against and two abstentions (China and the Russian Federation) and was adopted as resolution 2448 (2018).
After the vote, statements were made by France, His Excellency Stef Blok, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the United States, the Russian Federation, Poland, China, Sweden and by the President, speaking in his capacity as the representative of Côte d’Ivoire (and speaking on behalf of the A3, Côte d'Ivoire, Ethiopia and Equatorial Guinea).
The Council heard a statement by the representative of the Central African Republic.