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António Guterres (UN Secretary-General) video message on World Humanitarian Day 2017
18 Aug 2017 -  Video message by H.E. Mr. António Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General, on Youth, on World Humanitarian Day 2017.
Today, millions of people around the world are engulfed in conflicts that are not of their own making.
Ordinary women, girls, men and boys are caught in crossfire or directly targeted by violence, forcing millions to flee their homes for an uncertain future.
Compounding the suffering and the injustice, the brave health and aid workers who set out to help are often themselves targeted in deplorable attacks that hamper their ability to save lives.
This year, the United Nations and our partners mark World Humanitarian Day by calling for the protection of civilians caught up in conflict and the aid and health workers who support them. We want the world to know: civilians, including aid workers and health workers, are Not a Target.
Please stand in solidarity with civilians by lending your voice to our campaign. Everyone can make a difference in ending the violence and upholding the values we share and hold dear.
Thank you.
(World Humanitarian Day 2017, #WorldHumanitarianDay)