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"Are we doing enough for the children?" Melissa Fleming (UN) interviews Yasmin Ali Haque (UNICEF) - Awake at Night: S3-E27
14 May 2021 -  “What we're seeing is the desperation out there in the hospitals [...] At the same time [...] a group of young doctors have set up centres where they run oxygen therapy [...] hotels have been converted into oxygen wards for people who need that to be able to breathe properly.”

In this episode of Awake at night, we meet Yasmin Ali Haque who has worked for UNICEF for almost 25 years and is now UNICEF's Representative in India. Yasmin describes the current situation there: COVID is bringing communities together, but it is also driving some of the world’s poorest families back to negative coping mechanisms such as a returning rise in child marriage. “I think it's really about how do we all together ride this wave? [...] Because already there's been talk about India being hit by a third wave. We're not even over the second wave yet.”

Yasmin has also worked in Sri Lanka when the devastating tsunami hit in 2004. She shares her memories of that event and of growing up in a repartition camp in Bangladesh during the Indo-Pakistan war in the 1970s.

Screen-shot photo credit: ©UNICEF/2021/Ragul Krishnan