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Could Emotional Intelligence help us build a better world and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals?
17 May 2019 -  Emotional Intelligence has been shown to foster empathy, contribute to violence prevention and peacebuilding post-conflict, improve interpersonal relationships and communication, make people more self-aware about their own feelings and the feelings of others, and help build resilience.
How can we harness this tool to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, help people be better global citizens, advance justice, peace and the promotion and protection of human rights and safeguard our environment?
Join United Nations Academic Impact for a half-day interactive workshop in which we will examine the elements of Emotional Intelligence with some of the leaders in the field including:
Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence and co-director of the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations;
Michele Nevarez, head of the Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence Coaching and Training Programs;
Rich Fernandez, CEO of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, developed at Google;
Chris Ruane, creator of the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group (MAPPG) and executive at The Mindfulness Initiative;
Patricia Freedman, head of Six Seconds’ POP-UP Festival, in partnership with UNICEF;
and Alan Seid, CEO of Cascadia Workshops