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Pandemics and the challenges of sustaining peace - Security Council Open VTC
12 Aug 2020 -  Open VTC in connection with “Peacebuilding and sustaining peace: Pandemics and the challenges of sustaining peace”.

Sustaining peace, both as a comprehensive process and a goal, is not an easy task for countries affected by, or emerging from, conflicts. The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has magnified the challenge, particularly as countries have to respond to the immediate impacts of the crisis, often at great human and economic cost, while at the same time continuing to implement peacebuilding efforts and mitigating the new risks for fragile peace brought by the pandemic.

The open debate is aimed at exchanging views on the impacts of COVID-19 on sustaining peace and exploring how more effective support can be harnessed for countries affected by or emerging from conflicts. The meeting will provide an opportunity for Member States to discuss ways of, and approaches to, strengthening international efforts in that regard. 

The meeting will be chaired by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Retno L. P. Marsudi.

The Security Council will hear briefings by the following:

• Secretary-General of the United Nations (Remarks)
• Former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon
• Director of the Center on International Cooperation, New York University, Sarah Cliffe

Concept note (S/2020/765)