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(Part 1) SDG Action Zone, United Nations Youth Climate Summit, 21 September 2019
21 Sep 2019 -  Climate change is the defining problem of our generation. Without concerted efforts and concrete solutions from young people, we will not be able to address the crisis and risk, leaving the most vulnerable behind.

The SDG Action Zone will showcase solutions, commitments, and pledges made by young people to tackle the climate emergency. Participants will be able to interact with exhibits, network with climate activists and experts, present their solutions in an open mic format, and experience innovative ways to take climate action. The Youth Climate Compact, which emerged from thousands of youth pledging to take climate action at the 68th UN Civil Society Conference, will be featured.

The SDG Action Zone is organized by the Department of Global Communications Youth Representatives Steering Committee, with the support of the Youth Climate Team in the Executive Office of the Secretary-General.

9:30-10 a.m.Welcome and Morning Call to Action!Juan Pablo Celis Garcia, United Nations Association of New York

10 -10:35 a.m.Livestream from Trusteeship Council -Climate Youth Summit

10:35 -11:05 a.m. Our Oceans are at Risk The session will showcase actions and solutions towards addressing the crisis in our oceans, including the role of communities in engaging industry andSmall Islands Developing States (SIDS)
Nehali Anupriya, Adviser, Office of the President of the General Assembly
Luke Mullen, Actor and Environmentalist
Johanna Schwarz, DMUN e.V, Germany
Steve Chiu, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation

11:05-11:30 a.m. Rainforests on Fire: From Talk to Action!
Social media influencers will present initiatives that unite media personalities and artists to raise awareness and support organizations that work to mitigate ecological disasters in rainforests.
Tais Gadea Lara, Media Personality
Toya Montoya, Model, Founder Act4Amazonia
Laura Tobon, Media Personality and Environmental Advocate

11:30-11:55 a.m. Climate Justice for Human Rights Discussants will underscore the importance of addressing the climate emergency with a human rights lens to ensure just transition and protection of vulnerable communities.
Tais Gadea Lara, Media Personality
Josh Rush, Actor and Human Rights Activist
Ashwin Paranjpe, Mahindra United World College

11:55 a.m.-12:05 p.m. The Youth Climate Compact: A Global Pledge to Action
#YouthClimateCompact will be presented and youth will be encouraged to make commitments towards climate action in their communities and cities.
Jadayah Spencer, International Youth Leadership Institute (IYLI)
Annie Deng, The City College of New York

12:05 -12:10 p.m.#YouthClimateCompact Social Media Moment So... What’s Your Plan? Make your pledge with Toya Montoya / Luke Mullen/ Josh Rush/ Laura Tobon