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Ben Ferencz on the Evolution of International Criminal Law (part III)
14 Nov 2007 -  Mr. Benjamin B. Ferencz, Professor of International Law and former Nuremberg Prosecutor

"The Evolution of International Criminal Law – A Personal Account, Part III"
In a series of lectures entitled "The Evolution of International Law - A Personal Account", Benjamin B. Ferencz describes his personal experiences and conclusions over more than half a century trying to replace the law of force by the force of law. As part of a comprehensive historical review, he describes the little-known trials by military commissions that preceded the International Military Tribunal and the dozen subsequent trials at Nuremberg where other leading perpetrators were held accountable. Ferencz describes the unprecedented efforts thereafter to obtain restitution and compensation for victims. Deterring illegal war-making -- the crime of aggression -- became his primary goal and produced many scholarly books and countless articles. His lectures around the world in support of the International Criminal Court and his determined optimism remain a continuing inspiration.
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