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Consideration of the United Kingdom - 348th Meeting 18th Session Committee on Rights of Persons with Disabilities
23 Aug 2017 - 
Delegation of the United Kingdom
1. Ms Karen Jochelson, Department of Work and Pensions, Head of Delegation
2. Ms Stephanie Harvey, Department of Work and Pensions
3. Mr James Wolfe, Department of Work and Pensions
4. Mr Jonathan Proctor, Department of Work and Pensions
5. Mr Chris Eridani-Ball, Department for Education
6. Ms Ann Brown, Department for Education
7. Ms Hannah McNamara, Department for Communities and Local Government
8. Ms Miriam Wadimba, Department for Transport
9. Dr Elizabeth Gibby, Ministry of Justice
10. Mr David Nuttal, Department of Health
11. Ms Helen White. Home Office
12. Mr Matthew King, Government Equalities Office
13. Mr Daniel Jack, Scotland
14. Ms Annie Milovich, Scotland
15. Ms Hilary Third, Scotland
15. Mr Paul Dear, Wales
16. Mr David Jones, Wales
17. Ms Brenda Henderson, Northern Ireland
18. Ms Alison McMillan, Northern Ireland
19. Ms Penny Miller, Foreign and Commonwealth Office
20. Ms Margaret Purdasy, UK Mission Geneva
21. Ms Teresa Lévigne, UK Mission Geneva
22. Mr Bob Last, UK Mission Geneva
23. Mr Matthew Baker, UK Mission Geneva
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