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Eyes on the Goals: A Digital Series Premiere
16 Jan 2020 -  January 2020 will see the start of the Decade of Action on the Sustainable Development Goals, with countries and UN agencies tasked with accelerating action and ambition to achieve the SDG targets by 2030. As a key element in ramping up action and ambition, UNDP and partners are investing in communications and advocacy initiatives that underscore the importance of development progress and the utility of digital media to help achieve this. UNDP has partnered with Sustainable Partners Inc. (SPI), to produce a series of short films (2-7 minutes each) around seven of the SDGs. These films have each been produced by a different influencer and include shorts from actor Rainn Wilson; Olympic gold medalists Hope Solo and Michael Johnson; Josh Horton, a 19-time Guinness World Record Holder for juggling; actor, dancer and choreographer Sean Lew; wildlife photographer and TV host Robert Irwin; and indie-pop band AJR. Following the event, each video will be released online, with the hope that as views increase so too does view-based revenue. Additionally, with the support of partners, $10,000 has been earmarked for each video that reached 10,000 complete views. All funds received will subsequently be donated to organizations working to achieve the SDGs. The hope is that this will help to underscore how entertainers, advocates and companies can use their digital platforms to inspire action for social change.
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