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Open briefing of the Counter-Terrorism Committee on “Protection of soft targets through local engagement and public private partnerships”
27 Jun 2019 -  Objectives of the proposed briefing would be to:

Raise the awareness of central and local Governments, cities, and businesses to the need to protect “soft” targets through measures that address prevention, preparedness, response, recovery, and investigation
 Mobilize the support of central and local Governments, cities, and businesses for strengthened collaboration in the protection of “soft” targets against terrorist attacks and the prevention of such attacks
 Identify key areas of work in the protection of “soft” targets through collaboration, the sharing of good practices and lessons learned, and innovation
Bring together central and local Governments, cities, civil society organizations, and businesses to explore ways to prevent, protect, mitigate, investigate, respond to, and recover from terrorist attacks against “soft” targets
Collect existing good practices in protecting “soft” targets against terrorist attacks Help build relationships between the public and private sectors in this area.

Opening session.
Session I: Current threats, trends, and the normative framework relating to protection of critical infrastructure and “soft” targets; improving protection through international cooperation and capacity-building.
Session II: Building and designing a whole-of-society approach on preparedness, prevention, response, recovery and investigation through coordination and cooperation among relevant stakeholders (including communities, civil society and local authorities); regional approaches and the protection of human rights.
Session III: Integrating the efforts of the public and private sectors to assure and strengthen the security of “soft” targets, including the role of technology and innovation in strengthening the security of “soft” targets.
Closing session.
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