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(Part 3) UNA-USA Global Engagement Summit
23 Feb 2018 -  Previously known as Members’ Day at the UN, the Global Engagement Summit allows UN advocates to participate in a day of dynamic and informative discussions on the most pressing issues facing the United Nations.

- Action Track: Stand Up For Human Rights
Throughout 2018, the UN is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by encouraging global citizens to “Stand Up for Human Rights.” Recognizing the famous truism from former first-lady and UNA-USA chair Eleanor Roosevelt that human rights begin close to home, this panel will explore best practices of how advocates can stand up for the 30 Articles of the Universal Declaration by acting locally, engaging private enterprise, seeding partnerships, and connecting with the United Nations.

- Action Track: Using Technology for Social Good
Technology and social media have connected us across the world in ways we previously never thought imaginable. Technology has cultivated a sense of familiarity and closeness between people from across the world. It has united us through our shared humanity and desire for a better world. Technology is now the quintessential tool to propel social movements and promote social good. Through apps and social networking, we’ve tackled issues from climate change to political injustice and made our voices heard. With technology, we can make our world better one click at a time. In this session, we’ll hear how tech-savvy humanitarians leverage this platform to advance important causes.
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