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Maintenance of international peace and security: Security sector reform - Security Council Open VTC
3 Dec 2020 -  Institutional and governance failures within the security sector reduce a State’s ability to protect civilians. If left unaddressed, they may result in political grievances with the potential to fuel an outbreak or reoccurrence of conflict.

The African Union, in its efforts to silence the guns in Africa as a central aspect of the implementation of its Agenda 2063: The Africa We Want, has identified security sector reform as one of the key elements to transform that vision into practice.

In post-conflict settings, professionalizing, strengthening and reforming the security sector contribute meaningfully to achieving sustainable peace and development. Those activities are often key to preventing relapses into conflict and are essential prerequisites for preventive diplomacy.

It is therefore important that United Nations support for the strengthening of security sector governance and nationally led reform, including through its coordination role, remain firmly grounded in and informed by the security needs of the population, taking into account each unique context and historical experience. The success of security sector reform is ultimately measured against its ability to deliver security and protection to diverse sections of the population and to serve as a basis for reconciliation through dialogue and the inclusion of local communities and their traditional security arrangements.

The high-level meeting is intended to draw linkages between security sector governance and reform, peacebuilding and sustaining peace, thus integrating the concept across all three pillars of the United Nations system.

The meeting will offer an important opportunity to discuss the realignment of practices in the interest of peacebuilding and sustaining peace.

The meeting will also provide an opportunity for future support for security sector reform processes in both mission and non-mission settings.
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