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Addressing land and conflict to leverage conflict sensitive management of natural resources and to finance localizing the SDGs (HLPF 2019 Side Event)
11 Jul 2019 -  Land is understood as a root cause of conflict and a bottleneck to development. More focus is needed on how conflict sensitive investments and development can help to sustain peace. This requires a more coherent and sustained engagement on land. The Executive Committee, led by the Secretary-General, recently adopted Guidance Note on land and conflict [link] to ensure better UN support across the development, humanitarian and peace and security pillars. New practices are emerging at regional and country level.
A renewed dialogue is needed with member states to strengthen the UN’s role in creating opportunities to sustain peace and accelerate the localisation of the SDGs. The Great Lakes is an example of how a more coherent and sustained engagement on land, paves the way for conflict-sensitive management of natural resources and longer-term stability. Somalia and Afghanistan illustrate how land value can be captured by local governments to generate revenue, invest in basic, and rebuild the social contract.