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Consideration of Iraq - 333rd Meeting, 19th Session Committee on Enforced Disappearances
5 Oct 2020 - 
Delegation of Iraq
1. Mr. Salar Abdul Sattar, Minister of Justice, Head of the Delegation
2. Dr. Mohammed Turki Abbas, Human Rights Dept. Director, Ministry of Justice
3. Dr. Huda Jawad Abdulrid, Council of Ministers, Legal Dept.
4. Ahmed Khalifa Mizal, Representative of Higher Judicial Council, General Prosecution
5. Mr. Omar Hammoud Salih, Director of legislations and advisory opinion, Council of state
6. Mr. Dindar Zibari/ Head of the international recommendations coordination office /Legal Advisor / KRG
7. Dr. Amir Jameel Humood, Assist. Director-General for Technical Affairs Ministry of health, Forensic dept.
8. Mrs. Taghreed lsmaeel, Ministry of Interior, Minister's office, Human Rights Dept.
9. Dr. Essam Al-Sadi, National Security Advisory, Deputy of Advisor
10. Mr. Tariq Bakhish Ferman Director-General of reparations Dept., Martyrs Foundation
11. Mrs. Hiam Rasheed Khudiyiar, Head of Human Rights Dept., Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.
12. Mr. Fahid Tahseen Al, Jarba'a, Ministry of Foreign Affairs/ Human Rights Dept.
13. Mr. Salah Mahdi Kadhim, Ministry of Defense, Human Rights Dept.
14. Mr. Aziz Mohammed / National Security
15. Mr. Raad Ali Mohammed, Assist. Director, Iraqi Correctional Services, Ministry of Justice.
Logistics Support Team:
16. Mrs. Muna Ibrahim Asal, Head of Reports, Writing Dept.,Ministry of Justice
17. Khaleel Suleiman Ibrahim, KRG
18. Mr. Ahmed Jamal Mohammed, Assist. Director of Reports Writing Dept., Ministry of Justice, Interpreter
19. Mr. Ahmed Abd Ghanim, Assist. Legal Advisor, Head of Missing Dept., Ministry of Justice
20. Mr. Abbas Dhair Dishar, Senior Researcher, Assist. Director of Missing Dept., Ministry of Justice
21. Mr. Haider Hameed, Head of Databases unit, Missing Dept., Ministry of Justice
22. BikhaI Mahdi,Ministry of Justice
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