(4th meeting) UN Forum on Forests, 18th session…

The eighteenth session of the Forum (UNFF18) will be held from 8 to 12 May 2023 at UNHQ in New York.
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The thematic priorities for UNFF18 and UNFF19 are: (i) Enhancing forest-based economic, social and environmental benefits; (ii) Increase significantly the area of protected forests worldwide and other areas of sustainably managed forests, as well as the proportion of forest products from sustainably managed forests; and (iii) mobilizing financial resources and strengthening scientific and technical cooperation; promoting governance frameworks to advance implementation; and enhancing cooperation, coordination and coherence, for sustainable forest management.


UNFF18 (8 to 12 May 2023, UNHQ, New York) will be a technical session, and thematically linked to the UNFF19 (policy session) in 2024. As a technical session and in accordance with the guidance provided in ECOSOC resolution 2020/14 and 2021/6, UNFF18 should include an interactive exchange of experiences and lessons learned on thematic priorities among Members of the UNFF, the Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF) and its member organizations, regional and subregional organizations and processes, and major groups and other relevant stakeholders. The interactive exchange should include consideration of the science-policy interface and cross-sectoral and emerging issues and will take into account youth, gender and regions perspectives. The main outcome of UNFF18 will be a chair's summary of the discussions, including possible proposals for consideration at UNFF19. 

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