(2nd meeting) UN Forum on Forests, 18th session…

(2nd meeting) UN Forum on Forests, 18th session

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The 18th session of the UN Forum on Forests (8 -12 May, CR4) will review progress towards the UN Strategic Plan for Forests 2030 and its six Global Forest Goals, and discuss its work on capacity development, forest financing, monitoring, assessment and reporting, enhanced cooperation and coordination, regional collaboration, communication and outreach, and stakeholder engagement.
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The thematic priorities for UNFF18 and UNFF19 are: (i) Enhancing forest-based economic, social and environmental benefits; (ii) Increase significantly the area of protected forests worldwide and other areas of sustainably managed forests, as well as the proportion of forest products from sustainably managed forests; and (iii) mobilizing financial resources and strengthening scientific and technical cooperation; promoting governance frameworks to advance implementation; and enhancing cooperation, coordination and coherence, for sustainable forest management.
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