Promoting implementation of CITES towards sustainable…

Promoting implementation of CITES towards sustainable and traceable ocean trade: Spotlight on the UNCTAD-OECS Blue BioTrade project : Side Event - UN Ocean Conference 2022

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The Blue BioTrade Project is a Caribbean-based project led by UNCTAD and OECS with the collaboration of CITES and the European Union.  Join us to learn how we support participating countries to manage their ocean resources sustainably and meet CITES obligations concerning sustainable trade.  
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The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES) regulates international trade in some of the world's most vulnerable marine species to ensure that trade is legal, sustainable and traceable.  This event will focus on the science based and innovative approaches taken by CITES, in collaboration with key partners UNCTAD and the OECS to combatting unsustainable trade practices.
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