Seaweed: A Revolution to Achieve Goal 14 and More…

Seaweed: A Revolution to Achieve Goal 14 and More: Side Event - UN Ocean Conference 2022
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The event aims to highlight seaweed's revolutionary role in sustainability and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), notably SDG 14.

It will be held in two parts: the first will systematically review the multiple contributions of seaweed to achieving the targets of SDG 14, describing the progress to date and identifying needed next steps, and the second will extend the discussion to seaweed's contribution to other SDGs. Each speaker will describe specific contributions the seaweed sector has made to the achievement of targets under SDG 14. In the second part, speakers will highlight seaweed's multiple contributions to other SDGs, including (but not limited to) eliminating poverty and hunger and women's economic empowerment.

It will serve as a thorough reference to document the importance of seaweed – and through it, the Ocean – to people and our planet. While systematically advancing the state of knowledge, it will also serve to introduce seaweed and key Ocean considerations to a broad set of stakeholders.