Ocean-based climate solutions in action – from…

Ocean-based climate solutions in action – from offshore renewable energy to a clean, resilient maritime sector: Side Event - UN Ocean Conference 2022
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The ocean is an important source of climate solutions. It is also critical to global economic development and the achievement of almost all the Sustainable Development Goals.

In this UN Ocean Conference session, the role of ocean-based climate solutions will be examined, from development and deployment of clean energy to decarbonizing the shipping sector, including how action in these sectors can help to raise climate ambition across forums like the UNFCCC and IMO. The session will highlight how both policy commitments and initiatives such as "green corridors" can promote climate smart sustainable ocean-based economies and address challenges faced by coastal communities, including in island states and least developed countries. Speakers will include high level representatives from governments, the private sector, and civil society.

The session is jointly organized by the Governments of Denmark, Germany, Kenya, Panama, Singapore, and the United States and the United Nations Foundation, UN Global Compact, Aspen Institute, High Level Climate Champions, the Global Maritime Forum for the Getting to Zero Coalition, and Ocean Conservancy.