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Ceremonial Tea Offering for Peace

Ceremonial Tea Offering for Peace
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Kencha-shiki, Ceremonial Tea Offering presented by tea master Dr. Genshitsu Sen
Chado, or way of tea, is a comprehensive cultural practice that embraces the arts, religion, philosophy, and social life. As a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and longstanding supporter of the UN, Grand Tea Master Dr. Genshitsu Sen will host a Kencha-shiki, Ceremonial Tea Offering for Peace.  Opening RemarksAmbassador Kimihiro IshikaneDr. Genshitsu SenPresident of the General Assembly H.E. Mr. Dennis FrancisDeputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed CeremonyKencha-no-gi tea offeringWaga-no-chakai tea sharing (individual bowls of tea, usucha, andtraditional sweets, wagashi, served to each guest) Closing Remarks