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AI for the Planet: solutions for Climate and People…

AI for the Planet: solutions for Climate and People (STI Forum Side Event)

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The AI for the Planet initiative fosters international collaboration through global conferences and public-private dialogues bringing together researchers, scientists, policy makers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and private sector players.
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Objectives of the conference:

  • Bring together climate AI leaders and innovators from around the world to discuss and advance AI solutions that can help fight climate change.
  • Spark discussions and information sharing to bridge the gap between climate AI communities and beneficiaries of climate AI solutions, especially in the Global South.
  • Allow practitioners and experts from academia, the public sector, and the private sector to identify solutions and areas of collaboration and raise awareness on the breadth of climate topics that can be supported by technologies.
  • Put on stage the most promising candidates from the 2022 Call for Solutions organized by AI for the Planet and showcase their project during the event.

The Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of Morocco and the Permanent Mission of France, co-chairs of the Group of Friends for Climate Action, host this side event to the Science Technology and Innovation (STI) Forum on the role of Artificial Intelligence to address the Climate Crisis, in collaboration with the AI for the Planet Alliance.

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